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by Cynthia Zenti

A Leader in Inclusive Sales & Business Development. 


Transformation, it's what we obsess over.


And now is the is time to transform how you are selling. 
It is proven that companies that leverage vision, are actively engaged and have adopted inclusion and diversity into their business, are experiencing faster sales growth versus those that haven't.
Why? Because it creates and environment that both clients and employees feel they are represented.  It attracts buyers and top talent.
So how do you approach sales leadership and training that leads in systemic change, resulting in performance and behavioural changes?
These are the things we think about, in fact it is what we obsess about. 
We lead with empathy and inclusion to create insightful, forward-thinking vision, strategy and experiences,  based on 40 years of experiences and best practices in Business, Communication, Psychology and mindfulness. The results are improved performance, increased retention and higher job satisfaction.

Our Mission: To make Sales & Sales Leadership inclusive by using strategies, skills and language that respects and includes the values and opinions of the individuals and the organization. To be collaborative and transparent, leading with empathy. Creating a shared vision and experience that is profitable and expansive. - Cynthia Zenti, Founder.

 Commitment to Allyship

 Inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity. We strive to foster belonging and empowerment at work and the communities we are connected with.  We create relevant solutions for our diverse customers. We are committed to  listen and engage with our diverse communities.  We welcome clients of all ages, races, genders and sexual orientations. Please know this is a safe community of transparency, kindness and respect. 

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada we've helped hundreds of companies, sales leaders , teams and entrepreneurs increase their performance with sales training and leadership development and services.


"Traditional  Selling always felt disconnected and manipulative. It left out the human element and connectedness, the very things that make us unique. There was a lack of inclusion of team, shared vision and purpose."  - Cynthia Zenti,  Founder
From leadership to prospecting, our suite of products covers the entire sales process, strategy and supporting tools.  Our ongoing focus on development ensures you receive contemporary training that accurately reflects trends while maintaining sustained growth.

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