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Client Wins, Celebrations & Results.

"The training has helped me be more confident in my sales initiatives"

My experience going through Cynthia’s training was great. Cynthia knows her stuff and is very knowledgeable. Cynthia is also very personable as well. She really takes the time and makes the effort to thoroughly hear and understand you, and to give you a deliverable solution. 

Bradley Thomas
Owner, Inspire Everyday Fitness

"I nearly double my rates recently."

"Cynthia Zenti, I meant to message you! I just sold a labor package, paid in full last night!

Anther one is waiting for her hospital to confirm it can be in person.  

It's working!!!!!!!"

Samantha Griffen
DC Metro Maternity

"Working with Cynthia was a game changer!"

"I, too often, would approach sales from and emotional stance rather than business. And I found myself coaching and not closing. After going through her program I learned the necessary pillars to close and convert which I now use even in my own copywriting. I can't recommend her programs enough.  Get in where you fit in! When it comes to sales and making money, Cynthia is the real deal. Period."

Stephanie BwaBwa, Author and Writing Coach.

Case Study:

Steph Gaudreau

Strength coach, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, podcaster, and Best- Selling Author. 

What was your most pressing need that you wanted to address?

I had a lack of confidence on sales calls for my 1-1 coaching packages. My conversion rate on sales calls was not very good (less than 50%). 

How was this impacting you and your business?

I wasn’t able to bring on as many clients as I wanted to serve. It was harder for me to sign clients to my 1-1 coaching. I found getting on sales calls stressful because I was trying to think so much about sticking to a script that didn’t feel aligned. 

Can you describe your situation prior to working together?

In March 2021, I decided to include a 1-1 coaching option in my business model. I put an application on my website and started getting inquiries for discovery calls. At the time, I didn’t have an aligned script for these discovery calls. I was using one or two from business coaching programs I had been in in the past, but both didn’t feel or sound like me. I was always hyperconscious of whether or not I was sticking to the script and saying the right things. And whenever objections came up, I felt completely ill equipped to deal with them because the cookie cutter scripts I was following had a harsh edge that didn’t match with my brand.

I was getting clients but doing a lot of sales calls and my close rate was about 40%.


What inspired action did our work together allow you to take?  How has your situation changed? 

Through working with Cynthia, I now have a sales script that feels kind and is of service to my potential clients, and aligned to my brand. My close rate has skyrocketed, almost doubling. And I created (and have sold!) an additional package option that’s bringing in nearly double the revenue. I love working with my clients because they’re so perfectly aligned!


How would you describe Cynthia as a coach/trainer?

Cynthia is an incredible coach and trainer. Working with her, I felt completely heard and supported. She is collaborative and compassionate. She definitely understood my desires to run sales calls in a way that’s different from what the bro-industry promotes. She provided me with amazing resources and a system to make finding, getting to know, and nurturing my ideal clients easy. And she has an uncanny ability to synthesize everything I shared with her about my business into a system that feels completely aligned. The bottom line is that Cynthia cares and that makes her stand out in the crowd! 

What do you feel you are able to do now that before was a barrier/challenge?

I get on the phone with prospective clients and feel confident in how I’m talking with them. I’m able to weave consent and respect into our conversation, and help them paint a picture for what working with me could be like. And I can now meet objections with confidence and a chance to learn more, instead of always feeling like there was something wrong with my offer that I had to defend or feel bad about.

I’m able to fully stand in the value of the transformation that I offer my clients.


How you sell matters. Having a process matters.

But what matters most is how your customers feel when they engage with you.


More Testimonials

Client Wins, Celebrations & Results.

"Cynthia, you've helped me in so many ways." 

"Sales has always felt icky to me and when I say always I’m talking about 25+ years of not wanting to ‘do sales’. You not only helped me look at it from a totally different angle, you also had me set up a new sales system that fits with me and my business.  

 Instead of looking at it as ’sales’, it now feels more like ‘how can I best serve you?’  And this is so much more in alignment with me and everything I’m about.  Yes, of course there’s sales attached to it but what felt forced before, now flows so much more natural now.   

I was able to implement everything you showed me that same day and closed on a new deal instantly.  

I can’t thank you enough and I’m coming back for more soon!


Athenee Mastrangelo
CEO Simply Athenee, Online Business Stratist


"SO feedback from our amazing sales process! Every time I stick to the script 100%, I sell!!!"

Marissa Axell
CEO AXN Fitness and Coaching

"Cynthia is a generous genius at what she does...

in less than an hour she helped me go from feeling sleazy about sales to ..."ohhh snap... this is gonna be easy" and that's huge for me.

If you need help making strategic connections and getting your sales game on point in a way that actually feels good... hit her up and follow!"

Monique Floyd,
Personal Branding, Creator of the LOVE YOUR SELF(IE)™️ COURSE & MOVEMENT

High level of efficiency and scientific teaching methods

I am free to learn at my own pace, follow my own schedule and choose the subject I want to learn from the syllabus. Great study portal for people like me.

Mina Hollace
/ Freelancer

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