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Certified Sales Training for Lasting Results at Every Stage of the Sales Process


Invest for Competency Transfer

Companies invest billions of dollars every year on sales training. Studies show that up to 90% of all training has any long term affect.

Why doesn't traditional sales development and training  work for the long term? Most training focuses on skills, but not competency.  It also doesn't include the tools such as emotional quotient or address the core instinctual  behaviours, thoughts and emotions of the leadership, seller and the buyer.  

Addressing these instinctual aspects and training your leadership and team with inclusive training focused on active engagement, mental agility and creating an expanded future creates a dynamic profitable relationships.  It makes selling inclusive and accessible, without the need for high pressure and outdated tactics. 



Your business is constantly evolving and growing, so should your sales training. 

World Class Methodology and Effective Training

Real results are based on a change to our thoughts, behaviours and emotions.  When these change,  transformation is sustainable, resulting in self directed leadership and team members.

Being able to navigate any sales situation is the goal of all of our training. We believe in the individuals ability to drive change once given the proper tools and knowledge. 

To ensure comprehension and to maximize your return on investment, we offer certification programs that have been co created with an instructional design expert and adult learning best practices.

Sales Training Programs for Every Part of Your Business.

Private,  On-Demand or Customized.

Teams, Reps & Entrepreneurs


 INTEGRATED SELLING  results in a self-directed sales representative who is able to make decisions that are aligned with company and customer goals.

It is perfect for:
  • Increasing revenue
  • Creating predictable results
  • Increasing autonomy


Teams, Reps & Entrepreneurs


If you have been wanting to use social media to drive more business this is the perfect opportunity for you.

The Sales Accelerator for Social Selling focuses on the 9 Key sales techniques to integrate into your everyday communication for increased connection, relevance and opportunities





Private coaching available upon request.

Start with the right training to empower your team.

Active Engagement

Active engagement is the difference between being at work, and "showing up".

It incorporates:

  • Active listening
  • Active feedback
  • Active understanding
  • Asking better questions
  • Non verbal cues
  • Intention
  • Individualized input based on culture, background
  • Inclusive and Accessible Communication

Mental Agility

When you can navigate and know how to respond to any situation in effort to best serve your client and your intention, you are using mental agility.

It includes:

  • Being present 
  • Not judging
  • Awareness
  • Energetic engagement
  • Making space for opportunity 
  • Knowing how to leverage your products / or services outcomes, features and benefits to best match your customers' requirements.


Expanded Future

Your clients want change, they are either moving away from pain or towards a better future.

Truth is no one buys in the present or past. We only ever buy for the future.  Helping your clients understand all of the benefits of their decision to buy is key to helping them make a buying decision. 

This includes exploring: 

  • Profit, margin, ROI, cycles, opportunity cost, forecasting and Negotiating
  • Understanding influencing factors
  • Human thought process
  • Identifying emotional associations
  • Emotional cues
  • Instinctive behaviour 
  • Understanding the root motivation behind decisions and actions
  • Curiosity 

Salespeople & Entrepreneurs

UNSTOPPABLE SALES GROWTH - Certification Program

Unstoppable Sales Growth - Certification Program

At its core, Unstoppable Sales Growth teaches how to be a self-directed sales person who is able to successfully navigate any sales situation and make decisions that are aligned with the company, customer goals and personal goals.

self-directed representative is someone competent and independent, who in addition to be able to prospect, pitch and close, shows the following skills: 

  • Know how to build relationships
  • Identify who the buyers and influencers are
  • Make proposals
  • Identify and qualify opportunities 
  • Understand opportunity cost. 

Aligned decision making means that the person is able to identify the next strategic step that leads to a successful outcome, including how to position the opportunity and overcome barriers.

*Certification guarantees a level of knowledge and skill is acquired upon successful completion of the program.

Salespeople & Entrepreneurs

Sales Accelerator for Social Selling

Sales Accelerator of Social Selling

If you have been wanting to close more business and see first hand how improving your sales skills can help your business, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Nothing is more frustrating than posting, having a group, doing interviews, launches, all of the “things” to sell your services than having people ghost you, need to think about it, or worse, not getting any response.

Or  maybe you feel a bit intimidated or unsure of what type of communication, language or content to use to help make selling easier. 

If  this has come up for you,  The Sales Accelerator for Social Selling  (SASS) might be a great option for you.

SASS is a series of 9 laser focused mini workshops (over 9 weeks) that will  change your ability to sell forever.  Each workshop will focus on 1 of 9 Unstoppable Social Selling techniques. 

What is  Unstoppable Social Selling    Specific ways to take your client from Point A (I want to achieve X) to Point B (Oh my gosh, I CAN do this and you are the person to get me there), while keeping the process simple, authentic and fun!

People are buying, engaging and thinking more critically.  Traditional sales techniques/skills rely on persuasion, tactics and an imbalance of power (asymmetric selling).  

Integrated selling works to change the awareness level of your audience.  It moves them from problem aware to solution aware, which is where they are wanting to purchase. 

The 9 Key Unstoppable Social Selling Techniques 

  1. Reframing Resistance & Barriers
  2. Creating and Expanded Future
  3. Demonstrate the Difference
  4. Leveraging Your Expertise
  5. Buying & Selling Criteria 
  6. Sharing Your Story 
  7. Creating Change, Your Process
  8. Gaining Commitment
  9. Your Offer/Proposals

You will learn how and when to use them, but most importantly the purpose of each, depending on the intention and outcome you want to create. Each one of these is extremely powerful and has a function whether it is to control the narrative of your brand or move your client to transformation. 

These will be taught from a selling perspective. There are no wasted words in selling.  Every question, comment and conversation is on purpose, nothing is left to chance.

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